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Contestant: Ben Paul

Video Length: 1 hour, 11 mins and 12 seconds.


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Please note that the 4k version of this show slightly differs editorially from the HD version.

Some contestants have it all. Just like brand new contestant Ben who has the looks, the height (he is really tall) and is smart as hell. Which wouldn't be a problem if he was on any normal game show but The Splat! Show is not your typical gameshow. While we do feature quizzes quite heavily on our show, being smart doesn't necessarily mean you will avoid the gunge. In fact being smart on the Splat! Show sometimes means that you are just delaying the inevitable mess. Ben is one smart cookie. So yeah, Ben pretty much has it all and we had such a great time shooting his show and we really hope you seeing this fashion model in the Gunge Tank! 

This Show Features...

The Splat! Interview - Fashion Model Gets It!

Brand new contestant means it’s time for us all to get to know them in The Splat! Interview. Ben is a fashion model, it’s what he does for a full time job. We haven’t featured a full time fashion model like Ben on the show for a while and it’s great to see such a stunning model in The Gunge Tank again. So why did Ben agree to come and play with us? All this and more is covered at length in The Splat! Interview which of course ends with Ben’s first ever Gunging in our Gunge Tank!

Foam Me Up - Foam and Gunge Mix So Well!

As we mentioned in the introduction, Ben is a pretty brainy guy (hence the name of this very show) and this is first attempt to show of his intelligence. In this round Ben get’s general knowledge questions and for each incorrect one he gives us Ben is foamed. It’s game over and Gunge Time if Ben is completely covered with Foam. Ok, so it turns out Ben is not really that great at general knowledge. Maybe he can show off his intelligence in his specialized subject round?

Piestermind - Specialized Subject Round

So you are probably thinking when you are going to see Ben’s brain working in his favor? Well in this round you get to see how smart Ben really is. Ben’s specialized subject is Tennis and does he know his stuff. So much so, we had to get a new quiz mid game because we knew that our fans wouldn’t tolerate a clean Ben. The second quiz was harder and the pies started to fly in Ben’s direction. But did Ben get more wrong than right to trigger the tank? Well he got Gunged but the reasons why might surprise you.

Wetter And Better Or Slimed and Stupid? 2 plus 2?

We have been asked to incorporate some water into the shows and we have worked on this game for a few shows now. The contestants really want to get the water and avoid the Gunge. Even after being gunged a few times, the contestants still want to avoid the Gunge where possible and would even take freezing water instead. So will Ben’s brain power help here to become “Wetter and Better” and avoid being labeled as “Slimed and Stupid”? This round is a Math based round and is pretty hard for most! How will our resident brain box do?

The Splat! Debrief - The Splat! Wheel Returns!

We have used the Splat! Wheel in the shows for a while now and we have finally nailed down the perfect format for it’s use. In this final part of Ben’s show we interview him and get his thoughts about his fantastic Splat! Show experience before we move onto to his final messing that will be decided by a few spins of The Splat! Wheel. Will he escape light or get trashed?

The first spin of the wheel is a practice so Ben can get a feel for the wheel. On the second Spin it landed on Ten Custard Pies, does Ben take that or does he take his final spin hoping for something lighter? The risk is that if Ben takes the final spin he has to face what it lands on. SPOILERS: Ben did take the third and final spin and it was much worse than the second. Ben spun the wheel onto the TERRIBLE THREE of a water soaking, ten pies and a tanking! Ben had Instant regret taking that risk!